University Of Minnesota Computer Science Poker Research Group

Cartoon used with permission by illustrator: Fernando Torre

Cartoon used with permission by illustrator: Fernando Torre

We are a group of people interested applying theory in the domain of computers that play poker. If you are interested in applied AI, Machine Learning, Information Theory, Game Theory, or just want to make a computer play better poker, then this group is for you!

For Spring Semester 2008, we meet most Wednesdays at 5:30pm in Walter Library room B-22.

If you interested in joining, please contact Brett Borghetti: borg AT

We had some encouraging results for our PokeMinn-series bots at the 2007 AAAI Computer Poker Competition and we are looking forward to participation in the next international competition in Summer, 2008

We are currently preparing for our first UMN CS pokerbot competition for 2008: The format of the tournament will be 2-player Texas Hold'em Limit (3000 hand match), using the Pokerserver version 2.3.1 code provided by the University of Alberta. Bots are due no later than midnight, February 29, 2008. Details and prizes anounced at the February 6, 2008 meeting and posted on our wiki (see below)

The group has a Wiki page at Access to the wiki page is limited to members.